Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 70: A Long Awaited Upgrade

Guess what this is! If you said a laptop, you're only partly right. It's MY laptop! I bought a used one for myself (supposedly) a year or so ago and put it in the kitchen so I could check email and have a way to access the internet without closing myself off in the office down the hall. It very quickly became the "family" laptop. Nobody even asked my permission to use it! That wasn't a huge problem until other people in my house started saving their stuff on it. The poor thing already didn't have much memory (I didn't have a whole lot of money to spend when I bought it) and it gets eaten up quickly. We bought Dana a new laptop when she graduated high school in 2006 and she recently decided that she wanted a newer one, so she bought herself a new laptop last month and I inherited her old one. The screen was malfunctioning so I bought a replacement screen on eBay and fixed it myself. What I'd like to do is use my "new" laptop for digital scrapbooking and blogging, and maybe even creating DVDs (our desktop is too slow for that!) so I had to restore it to get all Dana's old junk off. I can't wait to start loading my own programs on there, although I'll probably end up having to buy more RAM to make them workable.


  1. YEAH for you!!!! I recently bought a laptop, I figured my family needed to see my face again instead of just the back of my head since the desktop sits in a corner.