Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 89: Buh-Bye Hair!

Karis' sensory problems make it hard to take care of her hair. The slightest tangle hurts like crazy, making her what we used to call "tender-headed". If she would let me braid it or something to keep it from swinging around and tangling, it would be different, but she doesn't like it put up. Her hair has the texture of cotton candy and gets ratty at the drop of a hat. She and I agreed a few weeks ago that she would get a haircut and she told me she wanted to wait til Spring Break. Today is the first day of Spring Break, so off to SnipIts we went! Here's the after picture. I think she looks adorable, and now she can brush her own hair in the morning before school. I think she ended up losing about 5 inches of hair!


  1. What a sweet cut, she looks adorable!

  2. Very cute cut! Hope this helps with the combing issues. I had forgotten the term "tender headed"! I was one of those kids too...