Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 33: Daily Routine

This year Karis went to a brand new school and we were able to get Quinn into the 4 year old kindergarten there. They only admit 20 kids and they offer it first to the kids who need some extra help. It probably helped that I registered her early. I like that both girls go to the same school and that it's free, but I don't particularly like that Quinn gets out at 10:30 every day. It doesn't give me much time to get things done before I have to get back to the school. I took this photo looking toward the door where Quinn comes out while I was waiting in the pickup line this morning.


  1. We have the pickup line at Rachel's school. I tried it a couple of times, then found a place to park on a neighboring street and I walk over. Well, I used to, now she goes to after school while I work.

  2. How wonderful that they can go to the same school. Our local district is going to attendance centers which means if a family has 3 kids there is the potential that all 3 will go to a different school and the start and stop times are all the same. I can't even imagine.