Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 45: Happy Valentine's Day!

On Thursday I read a blurb in the local newspaper about a barbecue restaurant that was offering a free Lovers' Lunch on Valentine's Day. The catch? To prove you're lovers, you have to kiss in front of your server for 20 seconds, and the servers use a stopwatch to time it. I happen to be married to a man who never met a PDA he didn't enjoy, and we're all about the free stuff, so we went there for lunch today along with Dana, her boyfriend James, Karis and Quinn. Before our server came over, we witnessed a smooch by the couple at the table next to us that ended up being captured by a photographer from the local paper. In the background of the shot was Karis with her hands over her eyes! A reporter came over and spoke with us for quite a while and took our names, so I wouldn't be surprised to find us in tomorrow's paper. And yes, the four "big people" ended up with a free lunch. Just for the record, 20 seconds is longer than you think! (Photo courtesy of James' cell phone - I can't believe I was caught out without a camera!)


  1. LOL.. Lizzie would be like Karis.. she said the other day while watching the Lion King "WHY do they have to put that LOVE stuff in all these movies?" too cute about her hands over her eyes.. if that picture ends up in the paper, you should photograph it for your Photo of the day.. .. sounds like something we would have done as well! how fun!

  2. How totally totally fun! Love it!