Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 44: PureNRG

Tonight was Karis' first ever fan event, meaning this was the first concert we went to for an artist SHE wanted to see and not one the adults picked. It was WinterJam 2009 and it included about eight acts, but the one she was wild to see was PureNRG. They were only the second act to perform and because they promised to sign autographs after the concert, we hung around for the whole thing. Poor Karis was sitting on the floor about to fall asleep while we were waiting at the merchandise table, but by George she hung in there and got her autographs. I kept telling her we didn't have to stay and she would growl back, "I want my poster SIGNED!" I was so proud of the way she boldly worked her way up to the front of the table to meet the group. I was worried that she might be put off or even afraid of the crush of people around the table but it didn't seem to bother her. I even bought her her very own concert t-shirt. I hope that she was able to look at these young teenagers and realize that she could one day fulfill her own dreams of performing, because she does love to sing and she's pretty good at it and that's not just my parental bias talking.

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