Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 38: Chinese New Year

Our local CNY celebration was held today at a school not far from our house. It's a joint effort of the Greenville Chinese Culture Association and the FCC. I really should have had two pictures for today because today was moving day. Tracy and the kids moved into their own place this afternoon. In fact, while I was at CNY with the kids, Jon and some friends were loading up the trucks and hauling things to her new house. Anyway, Quinn surprised me by using her chopsticks for some of her food, but she was so excited by the Lo Mein that she was mainly using her hands. She tried the egg roll but she loved the rice noodles and the Lo Mein! Later there was a Lion Dance and the red envelopes were handed out. There was a raffle with the grand prize of a flat screen TV and although I didn't win the TV, I did win a gift certificate for a facial (prize value of $65). By the way, the Chinese outift Quinn is wearing is the one that Karis wore when we were in China!

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