Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 59: Back to Rocky Top... and McKay's

It was time for Mom to go home today, sadly (at least for me). The trip was wet and chilly, but the little ones stayed home with Daddy while Dana and I and my friend Misty made the 6-hour round trip. We spent a couple of hours in McKay's, THE best used bookstore in the country and maybe even the world. :-) Here's some of my haul from this trip. Karis has been asking questions about Anne Frank and even though she's too young at 8 to actually read the book, I bought it for her anyway. I also picked up The Phantom Tollbooth, which is also too "old" for her right now, and a little play about Molly, the American Girl. Afterwards we had dinner with my sister before we headed back to SC.

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  1. Oh boy would I love to go to that bookstore! The Phantom Tollbooth was one of my favorite books ever! I'm not sure my kids would like it but seeing it here reminds me of how good it is and I may subject them to it anyway LOL! Oddly, I could never find another book written by this guy. My girls are taken with the story of Ann Frank too - another one I need to get and read to them. Ah, books!