Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 40: The Bonus Room

This is our bonus room, complete with cat on the sofa (left side - look closely). You probably can't see her very well, but that's Louise, who is almost 14 years old. We've had her since Dana was just six! The room looks pretty unremarkable until you realize that until a few days ago it was home to our friend Tracy and her two-year-old twins. On Saturday they moved into a home of their own and we reclaimed our bonus room. It's mainly used as an alternative TV/movie viewing room and the kids keep most of their toys in the closets up there. There is a bathroom attached which we let Dana stake out as her own, and she's glad to get it back. Next week I'm going to pick up my Mom and bring her back for a visit and this is where she'll stay, since this sofa folds out into a bed.

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