Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day 53: Ikea, Here We Come!

I have been waiting for this days for months now! The new Ikea in Charlotte opened on Wednesday and today was the day I made the journey to see it for myself. Until now the closest one was in Atlanta, three hours away. Charlotte is only an hour away. Woohoo! Mom, Dana, Karis, Quinn, James and I loaded up in the van and made the drive this afternoon. According to MapQuest it was an 89 mile trip. Well, MapQuest was not aware that the police were directing traffic at the exit ramp and made us go up ANOTHER 3 miles on the interstate and backtrack to Ikea. I figured there would be no parking spots left so I parked along the side of the road to avoid the line of traffic going in the parking lot, but as we walked across the lot we saw plenty of empty spots. The little girls were great shoppers, although it was helpful that they got to stay in the kids area for an hour. After we shopped, we had $1.00 ice cream at the Bistro and then headed back home. Here's some of our loot.

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