Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 15: KidSenses

Today our schools had early dismissal in preparation for a 4-day weekend. Thanks, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.! I have too much going on tomorrow to do anything fun with the girls so after I picked them up today we took off for KidSenses in Rutherfordton, just over the North Carolina border. KidSenses is a smallish kids' hands-on museum/activity center and I figured that most school systems did NOT get out early like we did. It takes about an hour to drive there and we ended up with over three hours to enjoy all the fun activities. The girls had a blast! There was hardly anyone else there all afternoon so they ping-ponged from one room to another. Karis said her favorite was the bubble room, Harper liked the dentist's office, Quinn liked the grocery store, but they all three enjoyed the cafeteria and the stage. Personally, I liked Creation Station the best. I discovered that my little Karis is a budding Spielberg though. The three of them dressed up in costumes and presented us with a little play, which consisted of Karis whispering in Harper's and Quinn's ears to tell them what to say and do. This is a photo of me in the Kaleidoscope, taking a picture of me taking a picture of me taking a picture of me, etc.

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  1. Freaky, but cool!!

    That place sounds fun, I wish we had something like that near here.