Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 21: It's All About Mii!

One of the cool features on the Wii is the ability to create your own digital alter ego, called a Mii. Whenever you log on to play a game or exercise, your Mii moves around onscreen according to your commands. This is my Mii. She's dressed in lime green so I can find her among the other 9 or 10 Mii's living on our Wii. Once I set myself up on Wii Fit and it calculated my BMI, my Mii got considerably rounder around the middle. By the end of 2009 my Mii should be much more proportional, if I keep working at it. Today the kids went back to school (yay!) so I was able to put together a 30+ minute workout without interruptions of "Can I play?"


  1. Good for you! My Mii is pretty round around the middle, too! :)

  2. Your Mii is cute, mine is rather large, but so am I. LOL

    My girls are using ours now. I get my time in the mornings.