Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 19: Now I Get It!

Today is a school and bank holiday, which means everyone except Tracy and the babies are home. Jon took Quinn out with him for a while, Dana went off to work and I'm home with Karis and Harper. After some Wii fun, they settled on the couch and I found a PowerPuff Girls marathon on the Toon Channel (both girls are PPG fans). With a bowl of popcorn in the middle, they are happy as clams! I started thinking about my 365 project and thought I might be able to get off a few good shots while they were staring at the TV. I was playing around with the functions on my camera and kept the camera on them waiting for a good shot. This one was a complete accident! If it had not been for the 365 project I would never have thought to get out the camera to record these moments and I would never had gotten this neat picture. I got so engrossed in getting a good photo that I let my lunch burn! Oh well. I can make another lunch but I can't recreate this photo opportunity.


  1. spoken like a true photographer. Throw the lunch away, but get that shot!

  2. SUCH a great shot! Congratulations!!