Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 4: To God Alone

Today is Sunday. I didn't have my camera with me this morning at church so I borrowed Dana's camera to take a picture of "my" microphone. It's hard to make out but that white label has my name on it. It's the microphone I use when I sing with the Praise Team, which I do every Sunday morning (and for special occasions) unless Larry (the Worship Pastor) cancels PT. I try to be careful not to call it MY microphone too much because that puts me in the wrong mindset and makes my worship more about me than about Him. Everything I have is God's and when I put that in the context of Sunday morning worship that means He owns my microphone, my voice and most of all, all my praise. I don't sing for my glory, but for His. I don't sing because the congregation might enjoy it. I don't sing just because some people think I have a nice voice. I sing for an audience of One. Any talent I may have is mine only because God entrusted it to me, and it is intended to be used in His service. If it ever seems to you that I am losing touch with this truth, please feel free to remind me.


  1. It's a wonderful photo - and a beautiful memory and reminder of what is important!

  2. Hey, another Praise and Worship team member here. Great journaling. God is smiling at your heart today!

  3. I love this photo. And I love your blog post could serve as the heart of my devotional for today.